I love to write stories and news articles. Some day I will be publishing some of my books hopefully. I have two dogs, one is a black Labrador Sam and a Shih Tzu called Bay. I also have three fish, a large yellow black dotted Guppy called Cider, a red and black one called Fire and a black and white fish called Grey.

(Note from sterlingruby’s mum: This blog is published by my youngest homeschooled daughter, a future prize winning author in the making. Please be kind in any comments as she is doing her best and loves writing, often until midnight! I am monitoring her blog for her safety 🙂 Hope you enjoy her stories, she is filled to bursting with them – Mum)


One thought on “About

  1. silverwind34 says:

    I ❤ writing too. I am writing a series of books, Noises at Night, Key in Lock, and Lava Falls. People say I should be an author but no…VET (if I get A level results that are good enough!)

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